The Natural Hair Growth Secret Spice: Amla Oil.

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The Natural Hair Growth Secret Spice: Amla Oil.

There’s a small dark bottle in my hair care shelf that is a hair growth elixir. The way it worked for me was way more effective than I could’ve expected...

There’s a small dark bottle in my hair care shelf that is a hair growth elixir. The way it worked for me was way more effective than I could’ve expected.

I went shopping for something that could do something for my hair journey to boost it up aside from Doo Grow that didn’t really work for me. This bottle was really little, with an Indian woman on the box. I thought, “Hmmm. Indian women have long strong hair, maybe they have some help from this stuff?” so I bought it. Lo and behold, it works.

So what is this mystery elixir?

They call it Amla oil. It’s a dark green thick oil made from what is known as the Indian gooseberry. It has a very odd distinct smell to it and it helps maintain general hair health, can be used as a natural hair conditioner and prevents premature greying… as well as rapid hair growth. In fact, hair growth is the thing its famous for.

My experience was, well…

So I bought it, and being as sceptical as I can be about options that offer a quick fix, I bought the littlest one there was.

I skipped home and basically anointed my head with the stuff. However, the next day I was definitely not ready for what came. I was itchy ALL on my scalp!! I scratched my head all the way till the night crickets were singing. And some more. The skin on my forehead got bumpy, and I was having major regrets. After 2 days the itching subsided but I kid you not, this girl here had like 2 extra inches of hair after that itchy horror!!

I was shocked and impressed, I don’t know which one I was more than the other. It was satisfying to have received the intended outcome that I bought the product for, but the rude awakening I got when my head was on fire was just plain unnecessary.

I used it 2 more times only. One time during a washday, I poured some onto my roots and massaged it in, then rinsed it out. There I was feeling like a smart guy, thinking that if I rinse I will have gotten the results without half the stress. Ohhh how wrong I was. The second time was with braids, but right before I took them out. I spent that week on fire and then right when I was taking out the braids I could feel it. The growth was as long as 2 extra inches underneath the braid. SO WORTH IT!!

I later learnt that that itching is a rare side effect of Amla and that it wasn’t a thing everybody experienced. That sucked, because it worked for me but the thought of enduring that kind of discomfort stops me in my tracks.

When I got into more hair growth research, I realised regularly massaging the scalp stimulates the blood flow there so the hair follicles grow much faster. So it seemed I had 2 hair growth techniques wrapped up in one green hot chilli flavoured oil. The constant itching would do more for the hair growth than for my discomfort. Still, I’m on the search for more hair growth options that fit me better.

Are there any other options?

Luckily, there’s also a few other hair growth options I found, just in case you don’t necessarily want to risk feeling the burn:

  • Rice water: Apparently it is a Chinese technique which helps grow hair at amazing speeds, and if it works that well then that’s another haircare product you find in your kitchen. It’s made by soaking clean rice in a bowl of water, or gently simmering it for a while. The cloudy white water is extracted and applied to the scalp during the deep conditioning process.

Photo by Pille-Riin Priske on Unsplash
  • Wild growth hair oil: this is also a drug store option, you can find it in most supermarket hair sections and I’ve read quite a number of testimonies claiming it is the truth.
  • Chebe powder: This is an ancient Chad technique which involves taking a bit of Chebe powder and applying it on wet hair then sealing it with oil. Then you braid up the hair and later rinse it out. This, over time is meant to grow the hair and keep it strong. Those women have some floor length hair on their heads too!

I’m going to try and get my hands on some of this powder and see what will come of it.

If you know of have used any other kinds of hair growth techniques, feel free to share them in the comments below!

With love,

4c Mami.

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