Hair Coloring Wax: My Experience


Hair Coloring Wax: My Experience

So last week I spoke about some of the options for naturalistas to think of trying if they would like to spice up their look; one of them was a stand out product: the Mofajang Hair Coloring wax.

I decided to do a taste test, to see if the hype is real, to see if the colour actually sticks, everything! Well, here we go:

Choosing the colour:

When I was buying these waxes I kept in mind I had always wanted to go grey to see how that might end up. Although the blue was a tempting colour as well, I decided to follow through with my dream colour and use the ash grey for this tutorial.

Washday Mayday:

I had to wash my hair first because I noticed the consistency of the wax is rather creamy and it would have been better to set it when I put it in. Why set it in dirty hair when I can kill two birds?

When I opened the wax:

I noticed it was very brightly coloured. I stuck a finger in and it came back completely grey, I loved it! The way it smells is particularly interesting, it is almost like Gillette shaving cream.


I made a miscalculation before in last week’s analysis. Everywhere that I researched this product on claimed it was completely safe, and I guess it is, but when I received the package and had a moment to look at the ingredients I noticed alcohol and a couple of parabens. If you’re one of those who completely run away from anything that doesn’t properly nourish your scalp then this might not be the product for you. However, I did notice the ingredients were not many, which was really great to see. It’s not an overly chemical formula despite the different colours.


Since it was super creamy, it was easy to apply to my hair and twist up. I did this as I normally would but added a lot more cream looking for intensity. When I got it out, as expected it was a little dull due to my hair’s existing colour… I’m sure if I put this in my hair when it was dry it’d be a lot more vivid.

The little smell it had before had subsided already by morning and I thoroughly enjoyed giving everyone at home a surprise with this new grey haired fellow, young in the face but *seasoned with the hair. I might go out and about giving sage advice to anyone lol!

Have you got your Mofajang hair wax yet? whether you want it grey like mine, gold, blue, green, red or purple; I have all the colours for sale at only UGX 50,000 only.

With Love,

4C Mami

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