How to Install Crotchet Faux Locs: Step-by-step


How to Install Crotchet Faux Locs: Step-by-step

A while back I did what I never imagined I’d be able to: do my own faux locs! Now in the week coming up to it I came to realise it wasn’t half as hard as I expected it to be, and the time it took me to install them shocked me further. I used only about 3 hours! Here’s how I did it.

1. Research

Once I saw a video on Instagram I dug a little more into the YouTube University. I watched about 14 videos on how to do this, and many of them have different techniques, so finding the one I really wanted was a bit of a hustle. I ended up mixing a few YouTuber’s techniques to find the perfect cross between them. I was looking for the easiest, least effort applied method, and that’s exactly what I did!

I washed my hair once I was sure I was going to do them, then sectioned them into bitutwa braids where I wanted the faux locs to go. I guess I cheated time like this, because I had the sections in the night before I did the braids, but again the hair needed to dry somehow and I wasn’t really required to blowdry, so I didn’t.

2. Shopping.

I got my Darling faux locs from Gazaland, and I was almost taken fi idiot by the ground floor stores where the kyana wanted to sell me a pack at UGX 25,000. Lol. I took it just one level below and got them at UGX 15000. I grabbed 3 packs and roamed around for little accessories (rings, threads and the like) then I got a latch crotchet needle at UGX 5000. I was set.

3. Trial one

When I got home that night I promised myself to just do a few trial runs to see if they were possible, and I ended up doing them all at once because it got addicting to see them, one by one go in and look proper. I started by convincing myself to do only one half, then went on to finish all of them. I ended up going to bed at 2 am because, why not?

Without further ado, here is how I did it. I undid one of them and redid it for better illustration of the process.

Braids: Make even partings and braids with your natural hair. Try to make sure they are equal in width. It was easier for me to do the whole head first instead of one by one braids as I worked.

At the base of a braid take your (OPEN) crochet needle and pass it through. Pass the looped end of the faux locs into the hook and close the latch. Pull it out and secure it.

Feed in the open needle through faux locs to the root of the braid.. Place the tips of your hair into the hook and close the latch. Pull it through. If you have longer hair you will have to repeat this until the hair is fully hidden in the locs. It might look a bit messy but don’t worry. You might need a smaller braid.

Pull tight. The locs might be a bit loose at the top, so just retwist it with your hand, or better still, loosen the bottom of the faux locs so that it blends in more.


And there you have it! your very own faux locs! They are much easier than they look, no?

If you’re worried about doing the back, start with the sides and keep moving backwards… with time and a bit of practice you’ll realise you don’t need full vision to put the locs in. It’ll be easy-peasy.

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With love,

4C Mami


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