I Let Zehumura Do My Hair!!

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I Let Zehumura Do My Hair!!

This week I linked up with beauty blogger ZeHumura and we did each other’s hair. We essentially have different styles, with ZeHumura being pro at the cornrows and I’m more of a free-form, wash-and-go, let-the-curls-do-their-thing kind of natural.

We got together but I originally thought she was transitioning, so when I met her and she had Big Chopped I was low key taken aback… considering the most elaborate hairstyles I did while at TWA stage was sponge rolls, it took me a minute to come up with something that would make her look bomb for work.

I went with using Eco Styler Gel to make her hair curl up in a really yummy way, passing it through my fingers all the way through her head. I also added a headscarf to switch things up a bit.

She on the other hand, went HAM on my head, doing a french braid down the back and a big twist in the front. she also did a double flat twist that wrapped up at the back, I was too excited for people to see me the next day lol

Without further ado, here are the pics of the hairstyles we did on eachother, enjoy!

My Look 1:

ZeHumura’s look 1:

My Look 2:

ZeHumura’s Look 2:

What look was your favourite? Leave a comment below!

With love,

4C Mami.


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