Livara Haul: Looking For The Perfect Hair Products

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Livara Haul: Looking For The Perfect Hair Products

Grabbed a bunch of stuff, let's check them out!

Hey mamis, sorry I’ve been MIA for a few weeks. Life came at me hard and where I was usually blogging full time, it drastically became a part time gig. Figuring out how to balance it all and find a comfortable flow was tricky but finally we are here!

A few months ago I bought a bunch of hair products to find what was best for me, and I am starting a series, reviewing all my different hauls, starting with Livara hair products.

In having conversation with some of you mamis I kept hearing the name come up, so naturally I got curious. Headed to Kisementi one day and found the store, and grabbed a bunch of things. Well, I didn’t get one of EVERYTHING, but we are going to go down one by one what I got and how I like using it.

1. Tsavorite Spritz Moisturizer:

This is so great for rehydrating my hair, it has that light watery texture to it, which is always welcome, especially with braids, and renewing twist outs. Because it is very watery, I don’t usually use it when my hair is stretched out, but any other instance it works. It’s packed with ingredients like guava leaf extract and rosemary that leave your dying twists some life.

2. Tanzanite Shea Hair Oil:

This oil is interesting. It has that minty feel that makes your head feel like it has been massaged. It is also the most superior oil in my arsenal because it comes in this cool spray bottle that makes for great application; my hands can leave looking a little sane after an oiling session. This one has been a great addition to my LOC moisturising routine (if the term LOC confuses you, please check out this post for clarity 🙂 The oil has a combination of shea butter, castor oil, peppermint essential oil and a whole lot more.

I almost forgot about this oil fun fact. A bottle goes for UGX 10k but if you want a refill just go with your empty bottle and pay only UGX 5k for it.

Like, why wouldn’t I dance to that?

3. Tsavorite Clarifying Shampoo:

I was first a little skeptical about this one. I didn’t really understand what clarifying shampoo was and how it was different from regular shmegular shampoo. Susan, the lady I found at the store happily cleared it up for me. Apparently it was great for lifting away any stubborn build-up I had on my hair/scalp. Extra oils, products and the like would be dealt with in a snap! So I tried it, although I would use it sparingly, not all wash-days require a clarify.

4. Shea Shampoo Bar:

This one was a cute impulse buy. The fact that it’s just worth 10k had me sold, but what was more, when I got to using it, it was way better than I expected. It is soft and because it has shea butter it leaves my hair feeling moisturised but not only that, I only use a little bit and the foaming gets out of this world! Also you know that uncertainty when you are washing your hair from home and don’t exactly know whether you have washed every part of your ka head? Well you can easier guide your hand with a shampoo bar rather than dripping shampoo off your hands. Love it!

So Livara Cosmetics lived up to the hype, they are a Ugandan brand I will definitely be going back to, if anything to get a refill on my super convenient hair oil. Have you tried any Livara products for your hair? How do you like it? Leave a comment below, let’s continue this conversation.

Glad to be back… With love,

4C Mami.

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  1. I recently just purchased the livara sapphire hair shampoo and leave in conditioner. It’s a win win for me. Shea butter gets my hair thicker and moisturized.

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