Mami of the Week: Esther Samwell

Mami of the Week

Mami of the Week: Esther Samwell

This week we look into the hair tips and tricks from Esther….

1.What is your name? Social media handles: Esther Samwel IG: @ess_with_a_star

2. How long have you had your natural hair? This is my second year now.

3. What is the most rewarding part of having natural hair? The whole puffiness and to feel the texture of my hair just makes me happy. Don’t get me wrong of course there are days where I just want to relax it but to see where I came from until now there’s no way I’m getting rid of my CROWN!!

4. Have you found a regimen which works for you? If yes, what is your current regimen? So far I haven’t tried any regimen yet. Would love to though. Will start soon probably.

5. What hair products are you currently obsessed with? Cantu and Auntie Jackie’s hair products are my obsession. They work really well for me.

6. Where do you get your products from? Here in Tanzania they are sold almost everywhere.

7. What is your go-to hairstyle with your natural hair? High puff is my to go-to hairstyle. It’s very easy for me especially when I’m in a hurry.

8. What is your go-to protective style? I usually go with braids.

9. What did/do you find most challenging about your hair? Well the whole process of taking care of it is a whole lot even though my hair is a bit soft. 

10. Hair advice you live by? Patience. I mean there are times you’ll feel like your hair isn’t growing and this can disappoint you but just be patient and keep taking care of it.

With love,

4C Mami


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