Mami of the Week: Kirabo Marilyn

Mami of the Week

Mami of the Week: Kirabo Marilyn

Avoid heating your hair it kills the quality and glow


This week, we check out the natural hair story of Marilyn…

1.What is your name? Social media handles: Kirabo Marilyn. IG: _proudy SC: marilynkirabo23 Twitter: Kirabo Marilyn

2. How long have you had your natural hair? I could say literally all my life though had a small transition for about 3 years to treated hair hair but now I’m back to natural.

3. What is the most rewarding part of having natural hair? To explore any hairstyles and use a variety of natural products without them affecting your hair.

4. Have you found a regimen which works for you? If yes, what is your current regimen? Heat-free styling is my number one regimen and healthy feeding, especially vegetables, water also does a great job.

5. What hair products are you currently obsessed with? I’m so obsessed with Cantu hair products and Nissi… they work perfectly and have almost every styling product.

6. Where do you get your products from? The supermarkets since I stay in Najeera, the nearest supermarket to get Cantu is Capital Shoppers Ntinda as for Nissi they have a shop located at Mukwano Courts right next to Watoto Church downtown.

7. What is your go-to hairstyle with your natural hair? At home we term it as an “Instagram Puff” cause most of the natural hair girls do it and simply lay edges.. it can also be referred to as a forced puff hehehe

8. What is your go-to protective style? Twists definitely.

9. What did/do you find most challenging about your hair? Combing! It’s not that my hair is hard but with natural hair achieving neat hair is so hard…

10. Hair advice you live by? Avoid heating your hair it kills the quality and glow, besides invest in natural hair treatment like using avocado, rice water, etc…

With love,

4C Mami

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