Mami of the Week: Olga

Mami of the Week

Mami of the Week: Olga

The most rewarding part is it's flexibility, like I can walk in the rain...
  1. What is your name? Social media handles: Septemba Olga Social : @paintmecrimson
  2. How long have you had your natural hair? I started my natural hair journey somewhere around December of 2016.
  3. What is the most rewarding part of having natural hair?The most rewarding part is it’s flexibility, like I can walk in the rain, I can bun it up on the move, I can twist it however I want and it just works for me. Whether I’m trying to be work smart or afro funky, it’s just amazing to work with
  4. Have you found a regimen which works for you? If yes, what is your current regimen? I don’t have a set in stone regimen. But I do wash my hair with Aunt Jackie’s (I forget the name) shampoo, use Shea moisture conditioner afterwards and just play around with Livara guava spritz and Namara Shea butter as my sealant. This usually depends on my wash day being personal or at a saloon.
  5. What hair products are you currently obsessed with? Total obsession is Namara Shea butter, Aunt Jackie’s curl la la (especially for my ends) and Livara’s spritz (especially when I travel and have little access to hair products)
  6. Where do you get your products from?I get my products from EnviriZaNatural in Ntinda
  7. What is your go-to hairstyle with your natural hair?Go-to hair style. That’s basically twits, any day and time
  8. What is your go-to protective style? Protective styles… Hmmmm I haven’t done any concrete one for 2 years straight (I fear for my edges) right now I’m doing low to no manipulation styles… Twists and cornrows are my go-to.
  9. What did/do you find most challenging about your hair? Challenges: on days when I run out of product I usually have to go hands on in making my own products for wash day, it’s stressful to mix (let’s say eggs, bananas, honey, mayo etc) and at the end of the day when the style you lovingly put in comes out like a bird’s nest, that right there is heart wrenching!
  10. Hair advice you live by?

“Own your hair, your journey is different”

– Bella Nakato

Basically your hair will never look like anyone else’s, so learn how to love it, cater to it and don’t set your expectations on what comes out of another’s scalp, because they’re also at a different step in their journey.

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4C Mami.

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