Natural hair colouring: The Options

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Natural hair colouring: The Options

Going natural does not mean it has to stay your full on natural colour that you were born with. Some of you have a colourful spirit and want to have fun with your hair, or even make a distinct/ staple look with your hair. In this post, I’m going to give you the rundown of the natural hair colouring options you could explore to get your funk on.

Some colouring options are permanent and would need more maintenance to keep up. Others are as risk free and non-committal as one night:

Permanent colouring


This is a permanent way of dying the hair. It includes adding of a plant dye or a shampoo based dye along with ammonia to lift up the hair cuticles. This method can be damaging to the hair because when done, the hair becomes increasingly porous, thus keeping moisture will be a trick. If you don’t take the care to add moisture to your hair it might get too dry and even break. This kind of colouring is usually done as a base before adding more colour to make it more visible.

Henna: This is a more natural alternative to hair dye. It usually comes in darker colours like maroon and black, so this is not for you adventurous folk! In case your hair is not as dark as you’d like it to be (some people don’t really like their browner hair) then this will work for you. It works like a stain, immersing itself deeply into the surface that you place it on. This hair colouring method rarely leaves your hair wanting moisture, mostly because it comes from nature itself. If you’ve ever done henna on your fingernails you’ll know, it will leave them much stronger than before. The same happened for your hair, it won’t exactly break so simply.

BE WARNED: This is all for natural henna. Many brands package their henna with additives that are as bad for you as hair dye, so please be vigilant with the ingredients when you are buying your henna. Anything with PPD (paraphenylenediamine), fragrance, metals, red clay (it’s a chemical, not a clay), any acids (tartaric, citric) you should run very far away from!!

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This is a permanent method of colouring, and it mostly is done before adding other colours, because black hair will generally not show colour as vividly as if it were lighter. Some people even stop at the bleaching stage. This method includes taking chemicals and adding to the hair, it makes the hair follicle open up, and the chemical makes it easy to kill the pigmentation of your hair. This should be done with LOTS OF CAUTION and preferably in a trusted salon. Bleached hair gets very porous, and this means it will receive moisture easily but also lose it twice as easily. If you don’t want to walk around with dry brittle hair, then your moisture game is going to have to be on 200.

Semi-permanent colouring

Crazy color/Manic Panic:

These are the most reliable semi-permanent hair colours out there. It washes out slowly over a couple of weeks after applying it, although it goes out gradually. If you want something different for only a season, I’d suggest this for you. Of course it won’t be as vivid on black hair as on lighter hair but it still shows and especially in wonderful lighting you can surprise people like, you thoughttttt? If you already have tinted or bleached hair this can be a great, non-committal way of adding some funk.

Temporary (one night) colouring

Colouring wax:

This is super fun and most of all, healthy! Using colour wax will most definitely leave your hair as moisturised as it was before, and it washes out of the hair without much fuss – sign me up! Because it covers the hair shaft and keeps your precious moisture intact. It’s a little messy to apply but once the wax dries up then your hair won’t really be cause for trouble. But if you want to sleep with it in you might want to consider wrapping it up or else your sheets will be feeling it in full.

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Colouring spray:

Almost as safe for you as the wax, the hair colour spray has one major flaw… it contains ALCOHOL in it, which can really dry out your hair. Good thing it is just for one day otherwise this would really be an issue. Just make sure to condition your hair before use and you’ll be just fine.

Have you had your hair coloured? What is the experience like? Leave a comment below!

With love,

4C Mami

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