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Mami of the Week: Kirabo Marilyn

Avoid heating your hair it kills the quality and glow -Marilyn This week, we check out the natural hair story of Marilyn… 1.What is your name? Social media handles: Kirabo Marilyn. IG: _proudy SC: marilynkirabo23 Twitter: Kirabo Marilyn 2. How long have you had your natural hair? I could say literally all my life though […]

After the Shampoo… Wash Day Series

Over the last few weeks, we have talked about the wash-day process. We started with the pre-poo and then the 5 things I never knew about shampooing natural hair. This week let’s discuss what happens when you get out of the bathroom. You’re dripping water down your back, your hair is up in a T-shirt […]

Mami of the Week: Fiona Kemi

I love that my hair is an extension of my personality; calm but unafraid to be a little wild. -Fiona 1.What is your name? Social media handles:My name is Fiona Kemigisha. I go by Fiona Kemi on YouTube,  Instagram and Facebook. 2. How long have you had your natural hair?It’ll be 3 years in June. […]