Snatched Edges? Here’s How To Snatch Them Back

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Snatched Edges? Here’s How To Snatch Them Back

Let's talk baby hairs!

No one loves scarce edges, let’s face it. They are right at the front of your face, so you might be self conscious about the way they look. Well, today we are going to talk about why they look like that and what we can do to prevent further damage as well as re growth so that your edges are thick and thriving! Shall we?


While most of the causes of snatched edges might be hormonal, like during or after pregnancy, scalp conditions like alopecia. It could be heridetary, due to stress or drastic weight loss. My point is, it happens to more people than you think, and these reasons may be far from your control. Now let me tell you the things that are proper messing your baby hairs up that you do have control over:

Tight braids

I get it, when you are getting your protective style you want it to last half the year. But why kill your hair in the process? By virtue of being along the shores of your hair they are thinner, then you let Shanitah from the salon down the street to pull each visible hair into the braid.

I also used to be passive about my braiding situation, but when I started to notice a patch forming, I learnt to speak up and say “no, don’t touch my edges,” after all, it’s my hair, I can choose how I want it to be.

Tight ponytails

You might want each and every curl to fit into a puff to prove your hair has grown, but you might instead be doing the opposite for yourself. Don’t do that… Try a loose high puff with an elastic band instead of a thread to hold it up and watch your edges breath for once.

Wig glue and edge control gel

I get it, you need the hair to look put together. I thought my hair stylist was hating when she discouraged me from trying out wigs. “They are addictive ateh they will just spoil your hair,” she emphatically said. I couldn’t see how, but later I learnt that the glue for those lace wigs are slowly ‘waxing’ off your edges.

Same for edge control gel. they are fine once in a while, but if you cannot move without laying your edges consider this: you might not have any more edges to lay if you keep at it like this.

Sleeping on cotton

If you are an avid reader of my blog and you still don’t yet have a satin pillowcase or bonnet, mami please – gerrarahere! Go to Talia Fros or Enviiri ZaNacho and get yourself something to protect your hair while you sleep! And if you choose a bonnet, please don’t be tempted to make it too tight esp if they have non-satin borders; let the baby hair breathe! Cotton in the regular pillowcases wants all your moisture and will leave your hair feeling dry and unsexy when you wake up. Your edges need moisture to thrive sis!

So now that we know what the issue is, let’s see how to start regrowing those lovely edges.

Rest the protective styles

Stop plaiting, wigging or weaving for a while. I know, it might be hard to go without those peng thigh length box braids but think of the greater good. Even a couple of months is enough to get those edges back in action. Same for wigs, edge control and tight puffs. Let’s just breathe, shall we?


I don’t know if I mentioned massaging your scalp to get that hair growing, but it works well, especially for your dying edges. Massaging stimulates the blood vessels near your scalp to feed the hair follicle and encourage it to grow. This is best done with the right oils…

Get oiled up

I just found out that Black Castor Oil is not so effective in hair growth, it turns out. It just has anti bacterial properties that will help treat hair that is thinning. But for more effective hair growth, try options like Vitamin E oil, stimulating oils like peppermint or something like Amla oil, which I spoke of months ago

Try some supplements

Some supplements have been credited to helping many an edge struggler to get back on track. Hair vitamins or biotin can work, although there’s really not much proof behind that claim.

Healthy Diet

Water, fruit and vegetables. The magic combination. Want to lose wight? Water, fruit and veg. Want glowy skin? Water, fruit and veg. Want healthier hair? You guessed it. I could name all the hacks and secret tricks but if what you are ingesting is consistently trash, you cannot expect better for your hair. So do better sis.

Clean scalp

A cleaner scalp can help your edges to grow, since the build up of products and dirt can clog your pores and leave them struggling for a breath, and thus dying. Keep makeup around your baby hairs to a minimum, and also make sure to cleanse the area often.

Enjoy your hair, and I hope some of these tips can help you in the dilemma of snatched edges! Give them time, they are bound to be back like they never left!

With Love,

4C Mami

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