Tapered TWA Hair Ideas


Tapered TWA Hair Ideas

When you first do the big chop there is this moment of “what do I do with this hair now? I know I had that moment. There are different things you can try, and the best part about big chopping is, if it doesn’t work for you, you can just start over!

When I big chopped I went for the tapered look after a while. This is where they cut and fade the sides of the head so that the top has the most volume while the sides are a bit shorter. This style is quite high maintenance if you want to maintain the fade for a while.

I eventually got lazy and grew it out, but the perfect thing about a tapered look is that it will look great all the way through as you grow it back. It was also the perfect haircut for me because my face falls on the rounder side so it balanced my situation quite well with some harder angles. If you have a longer face, take caution, as this might make you look even more pronounced. A softer feel or rounder style would make it much better. But it’s still very doable.

I won’t say too much, I’ll just give you some ideas, feel free to follow my Pinterest board and explore more.

Short fade:

Medium length grow-out:

Long grown:

As you can see. Even when they hair is much longer, it’s still a look that slaps!

With love,

4c Mami

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