The Best Hair Advice I Ever Learnt…

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The Best Hair Advice I Ever Learnt…

Learn your hair, love your hair, it just might love you right back.

I’ve interacted with quite a number of my beautiful readers and in that time I found that the biggest bone of contention for people trying to learn about and live the natural hair life boiled down to one question. How can I make my hair grow long (faster)?

This is a valid question of which I have a number of answers, tricks I tried and the like. I could make more posts about hair growth hacks and I most likely will, but not without telling you this fundamental truth.

If you want to have amazing, enviable hair, it’s not necessarily in how far it stretches, but how healthy it is.

It may be frustrating while short but hair health matters 100% more than length. This means ignoring the tape measure, or your shoulder as a measurement and working on the nutrients your hair is feeding on, moisture, lustre and protection.

In the scriptures it says, “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all the rest will fall in line,” (Matthew 6:33). Let me submit to you that with your hair a similar concept can be applied from this. When you seek overall healthier hair, you will no doubt see length before you know it.

When I first cut my hair, all the things I learnt from other bloggers seemed not to be working for me, I thought I looked a right mess and I even got snide sarcastic remarks about how bad my hair was, and how “pretty it used to be when it was relaxed.” The only style I could really do was sponge rolls, and even that I didn’t do so well. But when I shut my ears and I took care of not only my hair but myself overall, well, the evidence speaks for itself.

A similar, or even better end can be yours, if you take good care of your hair. It doesn’t have to be so complex, and you don’t have to own 1000 products to do it. I started this blog so I could do the research for you, as well as share my own hands-on experience so in all that you could find the simplest way to enjoy your crown. Every head of hair is different, so if you look at So and So’s hair as #goals, well and good, just don’t hate your hair if it doesn’t do what that person’s hair does. Learn your hair, love your hair, it just might love you right back.

With love,

4C Mami.

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