The Lazy Girl’s Favourite Hair Accessory

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The Lazy Girl’s Favourite Hair Accessory

You know those days after a long day, when you just didn’t have the time energy or inspiration to put your hair back up in twists so you slept as you were? Or the days when you’re already an hour late and you just looked in the mirror and realised your hair would take you an hour longer to do? Well there’s an accessory I usually run to in such situations which leaves me looking polished with half the effort taken. I’m talking headwraps, ladies.

Headwraps are not just a religious thing for mostly Muslim women, they have also long been an African staple for the polished woman. Flamboyant headgear was almost always expected at special events like weddings. Even to this day, headwraps are a nice way of making a statement with your hair well/partially hidden.

They are great for a number of reasons:

  • You can add an extra pinch of flair to your outfit with a complementing colour
  • Headwraps can protect your hair and preserve moisture and more so, they are kind with nasty weather, so you can be assured your look won’t die if you walk in a drizzle with a headwrap fully on.
  • Their simplicity and versatility is also to be lauded, making sure you don’t have to wear the same style of wrap every single time you wrap. There are almost as many styles of wrapping up as there are hairstyles for 4C type hair.

For me, headwraps have been a comfortable go to since I was a teen. I sometimes struggle with dandruff so when I know that washday is not necessarily today and yet my scalp is showing, I would either style my hair to wrap up the edges or completely cover up. Then I knew I’d go the day without embarrassment.

I also remember vividly walking through downtown Kampala and having salespeople yell out to a certain “Hajjati” who I soon noticed meant myself, but that mis-identification cannot deter me from the beautiful fabrics i have collected over time to wrap my head in.

I love me some headwraps especially when I’m lazy bones, and when I need inspiration I usually head to @wrappedbysarah on Instagram for some inspo. Here is the simple everyday look I did

There’s also a tutorial video on how I did this look on my Twitter, please check it out too!

With love,

4C Mami

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