The New Hair Technique You Have Got to See!

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The New Hair Technique You Have Got to See!

So I’ve been stumbling into a different way of doing hair multiple times on the interspace and I’m alllll for it!

Now picture this: your favourite Kitenge or Ankara material, but in braids. On your head. Bright colours and prints running down your back, screaming look at me, I’m on some other level! You won’t need any head wraps anymore, cuz now you’re a whole head wrap. You’ve been looking for a brighter shade of braids? A colour NO ONE has done before? You’re covered. Simple.

It’s incredibly versatile, you can do it with braids, cornrows or bantu knots like these ladies showed.

Next time you go to the saloon take a piece of cloth (that you’re ready to let go of, or that you bought for that reason) with you and tell your stylist what you want. Do it. Take a screenshot of this, or search for them yourself and be that girl.

It’s surprisingly simple too. They just get a rectangular strip of cloth, and sew up the edges shut around the braid. You could do this at home if you have the arm power. Go on, I believe in you. Do it.

Leave a comment below on whether you’re here for the hair do or ain’t no way? Tell me if you’ve tried it and post a photo (tag me!). I’d love to see how it came out.

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  1. I actually really want to try this. Didn’t think it was possible but these pictures have given me so much hope and joy

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