Top 15 Problems Girls with Natural Hair Face

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Top 15 Problems Girls with Natural Hair Face

Week after week on this blog I’m constantly yelling about the best parts of having natural hair. That shouldn’t take away from the fact that we also have to jump over hurdles every other day with this our hair! Sometimes it’s exhausting, other times it’s just down right ridiculous.

Here’s my pick for the 15 most annoying things I have to deal with on my natural hair:

1. Waiting for the hair to grow:

Even if you’ve been natural for a couple of years, there’s always that constant check to see how far it’s grow so far. and there comes the time when you cannot see a difference even when you know it’s there

2. Breaking your fave comb:

4C hair is thick yo! You’ll be there, happily detangling along and then SNAP! r.i.p comb

3. Too lazy for washday:

Because honestly we know it’s going to take most of my day and all of my arm energy so, why bother? Hey leave-in conditioner…

4.When the twistout didn’t come out as you expected:

You knew your hair wasn’t completely dry when you took out those twists, but you had to…enjoy that half frizzy half perfect twistout that’s just simply IRRITATING

5. Not being able to show off our actual length:

If you’re not used to straightening your hair, you know the feel. You see people underlooking your locks kumbe it’s longer than their 22″ weave.

6. People wanting to touch your hair:

Honestly nothing gets me going more than this! I spent too long making sure my hair is in this specific position, me and you are equally not ready for what happens when you offset the balance of the style. Also it’s just rude fr

7. Twisting it up before bed:

You’ve just gotten done with a long day and you’re ready to hit the sack. But wait! Your hair has to be dealt with! shoot me.

8. Taking out your twists in the morning and finding a random twist that was forgotten:

I need eyes at the back of my head, this has gone on too long…

9. When your edges just wont lay:

I did everything I was supposed to, why don’t these wretched edges just agree with me?!?

10. Not being able to do a Wash n Go:

Other hair types have the luxury of running through and running out, not us 4C’s! One minute your hair is looking bae and the next it’s a twa. Is there any winning with this?

11. Buying a new tin of conditioner every 3-5 business days:

Dime-sized amount?

12. Looking like the help at bedtime but wealth at daytime:

Let’s be honest here, twists, braids and bantu knots only look good when you spend all the time and energy to make them neat. But when you plan to take them out the next day, you look like Felicia from Friday instead.

13. Never getting your hair to look exactly like the tutorial:

Them YouTubers make it all look so simple! and even when you follow the step s one after the other, it never looks as bomb as theirs does

Expectation Reality

14. Mentally preparing for #washday:

Refer to #3. When you come to terms with the devastating fact that you have to wash your hair today, not tomorrow, you summon the energy of the naturals that came before you and get to it.

15. Getting asked “don’t you get tired of it all?” every other day:

No, I don’t get tired of my hair, yes this is how I’m wearing it, No I would not like to relax it again. Thanks, management.

Did I miss anything? Leave a comment below and let’s continue the conversation

With love,

4C Mami

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