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I’m dancing in front of the mirror, flipping my straight relaxed shoulder length hair left and right to the tune of Beyoncé’s Formation before me and the girls go out for the night. The year is 2016, and everything feels right with the world.

But by the end of the year my mind was made up, the hair had to go, and so did the nightlife. 2017 was a long, slow grueling transition from that carefree girl in the mirror into the woman I was meant to be; the woman I am now.

My name is Atwiine Lyn and 2 years ago I did the big chop and embarked on a journey of self-discovery with my hair front and centre of this wild ride. I noticed that more and more women started asking me about what helped me on my journey more than anything else, so I started 4C Mami to share that information, resources, my natural hair story as well as the stories of other naturalistas.

So why exactly did I start this blog?

  • During my so far short journey I have received quite a number of questions about how I navigated it; especially because I do 80% of the haircare myself.
  • I started this blog to help women understand how easy it is to embrace the crown of hair that God gave them.
  • I also wanted to provide a resource for women to get information and tips for their hair.
  • I wanted to help women who are considering going natural to make an informed decision, as well as provide women who have recently gone natural to be equipped with knowledge and tools to make their transition easier.
  • I also wanted to share my story and explain how I get over the very real hurdles that come with natural hair.

If you:

I’ve got some news for you, honey:

You’re in the perfect place!

Let’s go through this journey together. It’s not one of those one size fits all things when it comes to advice, so you have to be proactive in figuring out what works for you. When you do, I’d love to know! I have a segment called 4C Mami of the Week, where you get to take centre stage and tell us all about your own fabulous natural hair journey.

They say when a woman changes her hair drastically that means her life is about to change… I cannot say it was any different for me. Going natural was more than an aesthetic choice – it was the conscious decision to be the woman who God intended for me to be in her fullest glory.

The Day of my Big Chop [2016]

I knew deep down that He hadn’t made a mistake, giving me the kinky texture of hair I had. I just had to swim past the depth of inaccurate information that was constantly being blasted in my face about what was the ideal woman. I had to unlearn all the haircare tips I knew that only accommodated straight hair girls. I had to reach to the point where the ideal of some magazine, pop TV shows or opinion of others did not determine who I was, especially what was on my head.

Although many women were also going natural at the time, my transition felt like a rebellion. And to some extent it was. Many people discouraged my decision, told me I must have been crazy, and my reasons didn’t make any sense to them. As I pointed out in the beginning, I had it pretty good back then – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it right? Wrong! For me, what seemed right was suddenly wrong and vice versa. I had to do something drastic.

Present day fro [2019]

1 Corinthians 11:14 says “But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her; for her hair is given to her for a covering”.

This basically means the hair that I have on my head, the one that grows from the roots, as it is, is enough and in fact is my glory; it is of a holy purpose. Much as I had to cut it short first, having it grow to its lengths was always a goal in mind; it was going to be my covering. I didn’t want one I had to maintain through burning chemicals, I needed my glory to be 110% mine!

Don’t you want to be this woman? Free in who she is and encapsulating others with the beauty of your reality? Your hair eliciting questions like, “is all that real?” and “how do you get it to look like that?” if you don’t, then that’s fine too, but if you do, I humbly invite you to join me on this journey of hair discovery- let’s see what happens when we show love for our hair the way we do (or should) every other part of our lives!

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