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I Let Zehumura Do My Hair!!

This week I linked up with beauty blogger ZeHumura and we did each other’s hair. We essentially have different styles, with ZeHumura being pro at the cornrows and I’m more of a free-form, wash-and-go, let-the-curls-do-their-thing kind of natural. We got together but I originally thought she was transitioning, so when I met her and she […]

Mami of the Week: Kirabo Marilyn

Avoid heating your hair it kills the quality and glow -Marilyn This week, we check out the natural hair story of Marilyn… 1.What is your name? Social media handles: Kirabo Marilyn. IG: _proudy SC: marilynkirabo23 Twitter: Kirabo Marilyn 2. How long have you had your natural hair? I could say literally all my life though […]

After the Shampoo… Wash Day Series

Over the last few weeks, we have talked about the wash-day process. We started with the pre-poo and then the 5 things I never knew about shampooing natural hair. This week let’s discuss what happens when you get out of the bathroom. You’re dripping water down your back, your hair is up in a T-shirt […]

Mami of the Week: Tracy

If Healthy hair is a goal, the challenges along the way are part of the process. No rain, no flowers. -Tracy What is your name? Social media handles:IG:@fundamentally_love Twitter: @treycieetron FB: Tracy Petronella 2. How long have you had your natural hair? I have had my hair for 2 and half years. I had dreads […]