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Vitamin B for Longer Hair?

Many people ask me how my hair could have grown so fast in such a short time (2 years precisely) and I could give them a few answers. Today I’m going to talk about the one I never speak about…vitamins! Every keen Mami knows what you put inside your hair translates when it comes out […]

Mami of the Week: Dj Hush

This week we look at the natural hair story of Maggie, a.k.a Dj Hush. Especially in this Kampala heat, just like you thirst after a tall glass of ice cold water your hair does too -Maggie What is your name? Social media handles: My name is Maggie Nandawula. Commonly known as Maggie Hush. On twitter […]

Mami of the Week: Sheebah

“It effortlessly looks beautiful” -Sheebah This week, Sheebah tells us her natural hair story… What is your name? Social media handles: Sheeba IG~ @tuh_sheebah, Twitter ~ Tuh Sheebah , SC-tuhsheebah How long have you had your natural hair? I’ve had my hair from around December 2016 (2 yrs roughly) What is the most rewarding part […]